Tuesday, April 9, 2013


hello people who have been waiting for me to get sorted, (waves)
and a welcome hello to a smattering of new followers (jumping and waving)
here i am awake in the middle of the night with possibly too much on my mind, even for me,
 so have finally updated the fabric sample page. well... who would have thought hey? definitely not me thats for sure.
this has been needing serious attention let me tell you, but its been so sooo long that ive forgotten alot of blog basics. like how to set one up with certain links in place as a page attachment, like i said.
the basics. 
which makes me get more annoyed with myself for not keeping up with this space. but it couldnt be helped with all the upheaval of this last year. were still not quite settled in tot his new place so when you see me homemaking and rearranging its my attempt to ground myself and feel nestled. especially when im in the garden which is my happy place right now. the mr's too!
its time to get back on track and, as always, with the changing of seasons its easier to get back into the swing of things and breathe fresh new life into something neglected.
 so here is the link for those of you who would like to see whats in my stash right now.
and ive just heard the first kookaburra for the day so should go back to bed while i can.
mum and i have a girly day planned around appointments so you just might see some pictures of what we get up to...


Maxabella said...

Really lovely to see you!! x

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